Our Solutions


Benefit from our proven experience in state-of-the-art data center design and delivery.

HPC & Blockchain Colocation

We offer space, power and services for all your colocation needs.

Mining as a Service

Access to industrial scale capacity from our green facilities in the Nordics.


✓ Proven expertise

✓ Team of industrial veterans

✓ Rare competencies in designing, building and operating large-scale HPC facilities


✓ Cost effective colocation

Faster time to operation 

✓ No set up, no maintenance: we take care of it 

Managed services: we also take care of it




✓ Customisable to meet your requirements 

No CapEx

✓ World-class infrastructure




Why us?

State-of-the-art design

As a trusted player in the critical data center design space, Etix leveraged its expertise to provide a perfectly balanced design for the HPC & Blockchain industry. We offer tailor-made solutions that bring in the best of the 2 worlds.

Fast time-to-market

We can get you to commissing faster than anyone else: We can commit to as little as 8-week delivery

Green & renewable energy

At Etix Blockchain, we are committed to design, build and operate cutting-edge sustainable facilities. We take full advantage of the environment of the Nordics, where climate is the most appropriate.

Operational Expertise

We specialize in mission-critical environment accross the spectrum: we have proven abilities to successfully deliver facilities to the most challenging requirements.

Meet the team!

Our Press Release

2018.09.12 Etix Blockchain opens two large-scale Blockchain facilities in Iceland.
To ensure a successful implementation of its growth strategy for HPC and Blockchain, Etix Group acquires a majority stake in Borealis Data Center.


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